Metal Allegiance is dying to show you this song

Posted by on August 20, 2015

Supergroups seem to be the norm for many metal musicians out there and that’s just great, because how else are we going to listen what two or more great metal minds can create together? Metal Allegiance has just a little more than “two or more” of them and we’ve seen teaser, after teaser, after teaser of what the ginormous lineup of metal artists involved have in store for us but now, is time to get the real deal.

The band released a new music video for their track “Dying Song” featuring Philip Anselmo on vocal duties and it’s kind of a throwback to listen Anselmo singing in a ballad-like tone for a little bit, before the band let all the heaviness of the music go and things get rowdy. This is what the former Pantera singer has to say:

“It’s always my pleasure to jam with such esteemed musicians and brothers, and my contribution to this project is further proof of that fact. Hail to all Heavy Metalers the world over!”

The debut album will be available worldwide on September 18th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment and the whole squad is ready to play some new tunes live the day before the release date at the Best Buy Theater in NYC so, I suggest to go see them if you happen to be in the area around that time because, it’ll be brutal!


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