Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher is a riff lord

Posted by on January 25, 2017

As Mastodon ramp up promotion for their as-yet-untitled seventh album, each member has gotten their own little weird clip. We’ve seen Brann Dailor talk (or not talk) about the album, while Troy Sanders Rambo’d himself to get focused, as Brent Hinds became the first person ever to record an album in the moon. Bill Kelliher finally got his own clip, and it’s the last wacky of the four. It’s shot like an ’80s video, and it’s all about how many riffs he brought to the new album. If the rest of the band wasn’t always so tongue in cheek, it seems very much like a straightforward in-studio update until you get to the inspirational music that makes it seem like a profile for an athlete that overcame all odds.  With there being daily updates from the band at this point, it seems like a matter of hours, not days, until we find out what’s happening with the new album.

To get you caught up, here are the other three clips:



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