Marilyn Manson Simply Had “The Flu,” More Footage Of Collapse Surfaces

Posted by on February 8, 2013


Earlier this week, Marilyn Manson collapsed onstage in Saskatoon half-way through “Beautiful People.” Unsurprisingly, video of the incident spread likewild fire on the web. But what caused the shock rocker to vomit and collapse onstage? Well according to TMZ, Manson simply came down with the flu. Supposedly the frontman had been feeling like crap all day from various flu symptoms, but didn’t want to cancel the show. Contrary to some reports, TMZ claims Manson was not taken to a hospital, but instead returned to his hotel room to rest.

While many will be relieved to hear than Manson is recovering well, others will be equally happy to see new footage of the incident that gives the viewer a more up-close view. Watch for yourself in the video clip above.

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