Marilyn Manson is doing something again

Posted by on April 18, 2017

Remember February 14th? Sure, it was Valentine’s Day, which means you either spent more money on flowers and dinner than you wanted to or you felt emo because you were all alone on a holiday made for couples. Oh yeah, it was also the day that Marilyn Manson’s Say10 was due to come out. Except it didn’t, and all you had to go on was a brief video from last year of Manson beheading a Trump lookalike. And while there’s still no release date for the album, Manson released a pretty creepy clip on Instagram yesterday.

In the short clip, it shows a signal that looks not unlike a cross with an extra bar on it, before cutting to the point of view of someone in front of a car, which then pulls over. The symbol appears again as the camera pans to a shrouded figure in the road before cutting out. The caption reads “Hisatrocitionics,” which, well, doesn’t mean anything, unless you read it to mean “his atrocity onics,” which, well, still doesn’t mean much.

What’s this all mean? We’ll find out soon. Or maybe we won’t. 



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