photo credit: Jena Yannone


Many Eyes, fronted by metalcore icon Keith Buckley, has released their debut single, “Revelation,” co-written with brothers Nick and Charlie Bellmore. The track, a fast-paced reflection on Buckley’s battles with alcoholism, comes with a captivating animated visual by 3D artist Matthew Collamore. Nick Steinhardt and Ryan Sanders crafted the single art. Buckley’s journey to Many Eyes began during the pandemic, prompting a focus on mental health, sobriety, and reorganizing priorities. The band blends intensity with infectiousness, rooted in ’90s hard rock. Many Eyes will tour the U.S. in 2024, opening for Thursday. Check out all tour dates at this location.


Buckley commented: 

“‘Revelation’ is about recognizing evil and having the courage, the wisdom and the faith to face it directly. I hope anyone who listens to this song feels empowered to confront injustice, no matter what form it takes in their lives.”


Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, who took on the role of Executive Producer, added:

“Keith has always had that special something. He’s truly a rare talent; as a frontman, lyricist & songwriter. His voice is so distinguishable and has inspired so many through his ability to connect his words to emotions and their subtext. After all he’s been through, the time has come for him to get back to doing what he does best — writing thought provoking lyrics, beautiful melodies and rocking stages across the globe. If they say a flame can light a million, I believe Keith’s voice is still that flame. When I reached out to him, I could tell he needed a small thoughtful group of few to cherish, nurture and hold that flame as that very torch to ignite a new firestorm. And with that, we have assembled that very team for the job at hand. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new MANY EYES music and listen to our new podcasts.”


Watch the visualizer for Revolation below and join the group’s Patreon here