Last month, Machine Head revealed that they were already in the studio working on their follow up to Catharsis. Today during an Instragram live stream, frontman Robb Flynn revealed that the band is wrapping up auditions to replace former members drummer Dave McClain and guitarist Phil Demmel. The auditions are taking place at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California and running the boards is engineer Zack Ohren, who happened to work on the band’s latest release Catharsis. Ohren mentioned how he’s been in the studio for 13-14 days straight working 12 hour days. Flynn also mentioned that each person auditioning had to learn the same songs. Flynn played coy with the people auditioning and said

“you might not know some of these guys, some of you may”.

Flynn expressed that people were encouraged to learn additional songs and shared that one person earned two extra credit points by learning both “Take My Scars” and “Volatile”.

Below are the songs that were required to learn:

  • “Locusts”
  • “Old”
  • “Imperium”
  • “From This Day”
  • “Halo”
  • “Aesthetics of Hate”
  • “This is the End”

The vocalist also mentioned how all of this has been very confusing but fun.

“It’s been awesome, really good, in fact really confusing don’t know where we are going, we got some thinking to do”

Today is the last day of auditions and the band plans to shift into “other stuff” after Flynn takes his vacation to Jamaica.



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