Lately, Sam Dunn has been busy with other things, namely, Super Duper Alice Cooper, but his Metal Evolution series was really well-received when it aired on VH1 Classic starting a few years back. And while the series wrapped in 2012 with “Progressive Metal,” there was still more to be told. Dunn decided later in 2012 to have a “lost” episode produced on extreme metal that VH1 wouldn’t fund because  church burning and Cannibal Corpse didn’t fit the “classic” part of their channel. While the Indiegogo campaign wasn’t ultimately successful, the episode was still produced, and was delivered to those that helped fund it last month. But today Dunn and Banger Films have released the episode for free on BitTorrent.

In fact, they’re releasing not just the final “lost” episode of the series, but also the “director’s cut” of the Gaahl interview from Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, as well as the complete transticpts of the whole Metal Evolution series. That’s 300 pages of all the words from all 11 episodes. And it’ll also come with a note from Sam describing his highlights f rom the making of each episode. Even if you don’t have Bit Torrent, you can stream the episode, the Gaahl interview and download the transcripts.  What’s more is that Banger promises that there will be more Metal Evolution episodes continuing online at Banger TV. Everyone wins!