Dickinson climbing like a monkeyAlright, let me be completely honest: I felt a little underwhelmed by Iron Maiden’s latest album The Book Of Souls. That doesn’t mean the record doesn’t have killer moments, including the standout track “Death Or Glory.” There is, however, a particular line in the song at first listen came off as sounding… odd. The line, which paraphrases a quote from Manfred von Richthofen (aka “Red Baron”) about the handling of his triplane, goes “climb like a monkey out of hell where I belong.”

Well as fans who’ve seen Iron Maiden on their latest tour will already know, Bruce Dickinson has been taking the lyric literally onstage. In fact, not only does the legendary frontman actually act out the lyric, but encourages the audience to join him in what’s obviously going to become this year’s hottest dance move. Witnessing Dickinson climbing his heart out onstage suddenly makes the previously awkward lyric a little better.

Proving that Iron Maiden have fully embraced the move, though, they’ve actually released a short clip of Dickinson in full climbing monkey mode online. Watch the clip for yourself below… and let the memes of Dickinson’s dance moves commence.