Led Zeppelin are “so good,” or “just really boring,” in new ‘Kids React’ video

Posted by on September 26, 2017


According to the new Fine Brothers Entertainment video, Led Zeppelin isn’t for everyone. With the limited radio stations available on the road, there’s always that one classic rock channel playing Led Zeppelin hits every hour. Based on the new Kids React To clip, a few of these children most likely listen to the said station with their folks while other kids shut out these tunes. Ultimately, these reactions are hysterical with reactions ranging from one extreme to the other.

Check out a few of their comments:

“They are like good for their genre.”

“Yes! I love this band! My dad plays it all the time in the car. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

“I don’t know what they said after the first bit. It sounds like they said, ‘I need opium.’”

“It’s just really boring.”

“I’m not sweating right now.”

“Sounds like rock and roll. And also, GROOVY!”

“Is he speaking Spanish?”

“I’m glad this is over.”

“Led Zeppelin is a nice band.”

“Led Zeppelin is SO GOOD!”


Watch the video below:

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