Led Zeppelin is unarguably one of the biggest bands to ever exist in rock music (just ask President Obama). So would having exclusive rights to stream their vast catalog be a major grab for any streaming subscription service? Hell yeah it would! And apparently such a deal could come to fruition very shortly.

According to The New York Times, Led Zeppelin and its longtime label WMG is in negotiations with a handful of subscription services for the right to stream their entire catalog online. Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio are reportedly a few of the companies taking part in the talks. A spokesman for WMG reportedly had the following to say about the negotiations:

“We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Led Zeppelin to activate streaming rights for their catalog. We’re supportive of the band’s discussions with W.M.G.’s streaming service partners to create a window of exclusivity to maximize the impact of this launch.”

Led Zeppelin has previously taken their good old time to adapt to digital formats, holding out from iTunes until 2007. And even without digital sales, Led Zeppelin have been one of the best -selling rock groups of all time. So Led Zeppelin’s participation in any subscription service will give the streaming model itself a big boost (though whether joining Spotify has helped Metallica yet is still debatable). We’ll have to wait and see where the negotiations will lead to and which streaming service you’ll be able to blast “Stairway To Heaven” on.