The reformed industrial metal group’s new (and last?) album Relapse hits stores next week. So what better time than now to release a music video for the single “99 Percenters”?

Revolver Magazine premiered the video for the song, which Al Jourgensen wrote in support of the Occupy movement, this past weekend. And we have to admit that the clip itself isn’t all that special. Essentially, it’s just a video of Jourgensen and a handful of people counting to 9 and holding protest signs in front of a green screen showing footage from the Occupy protests. The only way this could turn more into an instructional video on how to count is if they added a few kids holding protest signs. Oh wait, that does happens around the 2:55 mark…

With that said, the song itself is pretty good, and it’s worth watching the video just to hear it again. With that in mind, you can watch the music video for “99 Percenters” above, while Ministry’s Relapse hits stores on March 26 via AFM Records.