Latest love song-themed “20 Different Styles” video includes Metallica, Pantera, Type O Negative

Posted by on February 10, 2015


Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is back with another one of his “20 Different Styles” videos. Last time we heard from him, he took on Linkin Park’s “In The End.” It’s pretty obvious that he’s a metalhead; unsurprisingly, he even fronts his own band. The success that his talent, innovation, and humor have brought him also led him to not only spoofing hit pop songs, but also creating these same compilations for holiday-themed songs like Christmas and Halloween. Vincent has continued this theme with his latest upload for Valentine’s Day. In it, he sings twenty different love songs in a different style, incorporating each new style as the next song in which he moves to. Included in this rotation are both styles and songs of Metallica, Type O Negative, and Pantera. Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming “holiday” or the other styles of music that Vincent performs, the man clearly has chops and does his research to make them as accurate and enjoyable as possible.

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