Late Megadeth drummer’s son seeking stolen bike

Posted by on January 14, 2017

While the sudden death of former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza last year hit the metal community hard, it obviously hit his family even harder. His 15 year-old son Nick Menza Jr. hadn’t lived with him regularly, only getting to see him several weeks out of the year. The two were just starting to get to know each other when his father passed,  and hid father had given his son a minibike. The junior Menza would use it to go on rides to “clear his mind,” as he tells KOMO. But last week, as he was helping a neighbor move a couch, his bike was stolen off the street in his hometown of Tacoma. 

The news report on KOMO gives us a glimpse of Nick Jr. He seems like a pretty cool kid, albeit one that’s been through a lot in the last eight months. In the report, he says he just really wants the bike back. “They wanna have fun on it, cool,” Menza says. “Go take a 30 minute ride ,an hour ride, take as long you want. just bring it back.” It’s clear the bike has tons of sentimental value, and is a reminder of the relationship he was just starting to cultivate with his father. The news report ends by saying that his dad’s drumming has inspired him to take up the drums as well, so there could be another drumming Menza in the near future. 


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