Kvelertak get fun again on new track “Nattesferd”

Posted by on May 9, 2016

kvelertakIf you’re like me, Kvelertak’s newest material hasn’t quite scratched the itch that they’ve left us with since their 2010 debut, Kvelertak. The self-titled album was a refreshing kick to the teeth that rolled heavy doses of fun into their black ‘n’ roll punk rock attack. Everything since hasn’t quite hooked me the same way.

Fortunately, the title track from their upcoming album Nattesferd recaptures some of that party metal sound that made Kvelertak a perfect soundtrack to shotgunning beers with your friends. This song brings back that air guitar worthy energy and chases it with an anthemic chorus featuring some clean (female?) vocals with nifty acoustic backdrop.

That fuzzy lead is infectious, and just enough to leave me with another itch. Looks like I’ll have to dust off the air guitar as Nattesferd comes out this Friday, May 13 via Roadrunner Records. You can preorder it here.



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