katatonia-the-fall-of-heartsKatatonia is getting ready to release their newest offering The Fall of Hearts in just a few more days and, to promote the album, they released some tracks from it including “Serein,” and the cool-looking lyric video for “Old Heart Falls.” To not give away much of the album, the Swedish decided to re-release their track “Serein” in another creative lyric video, this time hand-written.

Singer Jonas Renske shortly states about the track:”

 “‘Serein’ is one of the more straight-forward songs on the album, very guitar-driven, quite upbeat but still packed with emotion. Looking forward to trying this one out live!”

The song does really sound like everything we love about Katatonia, but the interesting approach on their lyric videos are truly wonderful and worthwhile to bring up.

The Fall of Hearts will hit the shelves on May 20th via Peaceville Records and you can place your pre-orders here, here and here.