Jared Dines’ metal Maroon 5 video gets band’s seal of approval

Posted by on February 3, 2017

Youtuber Jared Dines might not like Suicide Silence, but what does he know, as he’s apparently a big Maroon 5 fan. The guitarist did an “If Maroon 5 was metal” video, ripping through a nearly five minute medley of tunes by the pop band. Granted, he does a good job of playing Adam Levine’s melodies on guitar over metallized versions of songs you’ve heard over and over again while shopping or at the mall or something. Considering some of Dines’ videos have upwards of 7 million views, he’s already doing ok for himself, but his Maroon 5 video has already gotten over 385,000 views since it went up on Tuesday. 

[via AP]

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