Jack Russell’s Great White plays an arena show with depressing results

Posted by on April 23, 2014


After all they’ve been through, it’s good to see that Jack Russell’s Great White is playing arenas again. However, this past Saturday (19) at Trenton’s Sun National Bank Center, it wasn’t quite like it was back in the ’80s. Actually, it was “80’s Night” at a Professional Indoor Football League game between the Trenton Freedom and the Columbus Lions. Fans were encouraged to dress up like their favorite ’80s pop and rock stars to win prizes and watch the show by Jack Russell’s Great White (not to be confused with the version of Great White not featuring Jack Russell). However, it doesn’t appear that the fans were told that the show would be taking place after the game, as apparently the band played in front of a crowd that Sleaze Roxx estimated at about 40 people. That’s significantly less than the 1,000 people that were at the game and way less than the 8,500 cap of the venue. We’ve gotta say though, the band actually sounds pretty good, and at least appeared to be having fun despite the aggressively low turnout.



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