It’s Beethoven’s birthday, so celebrate with Exmortus’ cover

Posted by on December 17, 2015


Hey guys, Ludwig van Beethoven turns 245 today! What’d you get the classical composer for his birthday? Nothing? Oh well, don’t sweat it. He’s obviously not around to celebrate, and this is only his estimated birthday, so even if you did, it’d probably be early or late. Regardless, Exmortus, whose forthcoming album, Ride Forth, will be out on January 8th on Prosthetic Records, didn’t forget. They covered his “Appassionata (Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57)” for the new album despite the fact that there are no pianists in the band. It’s a great showcase of the band’s musicianship, and it’s probably the first time you’ve wanted to mosh to Beethoven, unless you’re a weird person. Here’s what drummer Mario Moreno had to say about the cover, which they premiered on Bloody Disgusting.

Being classical music fans we thought it would be cool to do another classical piece for “Ride Forth”, and once again we picked something from Beethoven because he’s rad and shreds the keys. What better time to release this track than on the month and guesstimated day he was born?

Ride Forth will be out on January 8 on Prosthetic Records. It can be preordered here.

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