New Icelandic post-rock outfit Isafjørd (stands for fjord of ice) featuring Aðalbjörn Addi Tryggvason (Sólstafir) and Ragnar Zolberg (Sign/x-Pain of Salvation) have teamed up to create a unique sound. Named after the town that both of their fathers came from, Ísafjörður, they are gearing up to officially present their transcending sound in their new album, Hjartastjaki, out December 2nd via Svart Records. Today (3rd), the duo shared a video for the song “Mín Svarta Hlið.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:

Track List:

01) Falin Skemmd

02) Mín Svarta Hlið

03) Hjartastjaki

04) Heiðin

05) Kuldaró

06) Fjord of Hope

07) Njálssaga

08) Andvök