Intronaut jam with ‘Fast Worms’ and a belligerent dolphin

Posted by on November 16, 2015

With the release of their new album The Direction of Last Things this past Friday, Intronaut released an absurd music video for “Fast Worms,” the opening track on the album. Vocalist and guitarist Sacha Dunable says the song is, “a real banger,” and last month guitarist and vocalist Dave Timnick told us in an interview the meaning behind the track:

Said Timnick,

“Fast Worms” is about Robert Durst, the real estate heir in New York. They just did a feature on HBO about him. They caught him on tape admitting that he killed his wife. It’s a pretty crazy story, so that song is loosely based on him.”

While the song might be about Durst, the video looks like it was partially inspired by this tattoo. After their upcoming tour with Between the Buried and Me, Timnick told us that they might be doing something in early 2016, then, “in March and April is when we’re going to be doing our headlining tour in the US and Canada.”


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