Immortal summon a very metal Christmas

Posted by on December 21, 2015

With the holidays coming on full steam, many outlets take the opportunity to pay tribute to the celebrations by doing something special and Sock Puppet Parody is no exception, as they took the most frostbitten cold band ever and turned them into puppets. Of course, we’re talking about the now disappeared Immortal.

The people at Sock Puppet Parody dedicate their seemingly free time to do just that: create parody videos from bands and artists with sock puppets and the results are hilarious. They have done parodies with Slipknot, Pantera, Slayer and others but for this season, we get our treat with Norway’s favorite trio with “The Summoning” which basically talks about summoning Santa. Take a look at the video below and ge your corpsepaint ready for your Christmas party at work.


If that’s not enough Inmortal for your holidays, you can get a new Abbath snowglobe because, why not?

[via theprp.com]

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