ICYMI: Ignea share live performance video for “Daleki Obriyi”

Posted by on September 18, 2023

photo credit: Sergii Chernov


Ukrainian metal outfit Ignea have recently released their latest album, Dreams of Lands Unseen, via Napalm Records (order here). In case you missed it, the group has shared a live video for their single “Daleki Obriyi,” which was captured at the Faine Misto festival in Ukraine. The project played in front of around 15,000 attendees and raised funds for the needs of Ukraine. 


Vocalist Helle Bohdanova comments:

“Soon, it’s going to be two years of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine. We’re losing the bravest people who are freeing our territories and who also make it possible for such events as the Faine Misto festival to happen. This one performance has charged us for months to come. It was the first music event of such a scale in Ukraine since February 2022. And it wasn’t happening just for fun — as it was a charity festival raising funds for the needs of Ukraine through ticket sales and auctions, and even workshops on tactical medicine, and mine and explosive hazard management. We feel that this is much more powerful than some usual official video, especially for our song in Ukrainian language. Here, you can see Ukrainian metalheads living their moment. Any next minute, there can be an air raid siren, any next minute can be the last one. And we hope that you can feel this energy, like we felt it from the stage.”


Watch the clip below:


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