Prince Paul is not a name most metal fans may be familiar with. But in the hip hop world, he’s a well-respected producer and singer, having worked with De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane and many others. And while he may not have as much expertise in other genres, he and Scion A/V aim to change that in a new six part web series Music Impossible: Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey.

And in the fourth episode, Prince and his friends Mr. Dead and Soce adventure into the world of metal. The clip includes the three talking to bands like Death Angel, Municipal Waste, Bonded By Blood, Crom, and Floor, as well as them checking each band out live. While Paul wasn’t impressed with a few bands (though he had lots of compliments for Death Angel), it was still cool to see him and his entourage gain an appreciation for metal. Plus, it’s pretty funny to see Mr. Dead’s attempt (and fail) at stage diving during Municipal Waste’s set. You can watch the fourth episode of Music Impossible: Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey above.

[via Noisecreep]