Photo credit: Novakova Photographer


Hideous Divinity have released a Dema Novakova-directed and Eclypso Studio-produced video for their standalone single, “Mysterium Tremendum.” Hailing from Rome and comprising members of Aborted, Hideous Divinity is a death metal band combining the crushing old-school style mixed with technical elements and blackened beats. “Mysterium Tremendum” is just a small glimpse of what’s in store from the band this year.


The group comments:

 “It is time for Hideous Divinity to face a new monster. A predator that brings extinction, both impersonal and horrific. He is the ‘world-not-for-us’ that we must acknowledge in horror. ‘Mysterium Tremendum’ introduces a new chapter in the life of Hideous Divinity. A new concept, under the sign of Werner Herzog and Eugene Thacker.”


Watch the clip below: