Here’s Metallica’s entire set at the Rock am Ring festival

Posted by on June 9, 2014


Wow, it seems like some people actually like “St. Anger.” Like enough to show that last week’s Denmark appearance of the song in Metallica’s “By Request” set might not have been a fluke. The title track to their 2003 album once again showed up during their set at Germany’s Rock am Ring festival. Professionally-shot video has surfaced of their entire set, so even though they might not be playing any shows in America this year, you can buy yourself a six pack, turn your computer speakers up and save some money. It’s not quite the same, but seeing the band play in front of so many people is a rush, “St. Anger” and all.

Here’s the set list:

3:35 Battery
7:45 Master of Puppets
16:10 Welcome Home
23:50 Ride the Lightning
30:25 Kirk Solo
32:00 The Unforgiven
41:10 Creeping Death
48:50 Lords of Summer
58:30 Sad but True
1:04:00 Robert Solo
1:05:30 Fade to Black !!!
1:12:50 Fuel
1:16:55 One
1:25:10 For Whom the Bell Tolls
1:31:20 Whiskey in the Jar
1:37:00 Kirk Solo (another one)
1:39:00 Nothing Else Matters
1:44:16 Enter Sandman
1:53:39 St. Anger
2:01:10 …And Justice For All
2:11:10 Seek And Destroy


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