It’s hard to believe that Corey Taylor has been in Slipknot for 20 years now. In fact, the first ever show he played with them was literally 20 years ago today. The show, which took place at the Safari Club in Des Moines, still featured the band’s original singer, Anders Colsefni as well. It’s a far cry from what the band would become, but the show, captured on video, still shows spars of what the band would become. Website, a site that focuses on the pre-Roadrunner era of the band, has released the performance.

First of all, the video is low quality, but you would expect that from something shot at a club 20 years ago. The time stamp that keeps flashing in the lower right hand corner is a reminder that this came from the ’90s. And the fact that the show, in a small club, starts off with pyrotechnics is also a reminder that this is an earlier time, almost six years before the Station nightclub fire that killed 100 at a Great White show. It’s obvious from looking at their costumes and masks that Slipknot were still crafting their look that would inspire a phenomenon by the time their Roadrunner debut came out two years later. At any rate, it’s a fascinating early look at a band that’s not only persisted, but are one of the few superstar bands that emerged in the ’90s.

[via Metal Sucks]