Here’s a look at Relapse’s vinyl reissue of Mastodon’s ‘Remission’

Posted by on June 27, 2014


Long before Mastodon was making an albums for teens to party in the woods to, they released their first album, Remission. The 2002 album only hinted at the band they would become, and would probably shock latter day fans. There’s not all that much clean singing, and with the exception of a few songs, it’s relentlessly heavy. However, it’s the album that put the band on the map and a fan favorite that many metal fans view as their best album. We wrote about Relapse’s re-reissue of the album last week, but now a video promoting the vinyl reissue has surfaced. While most fans that have been around since the beginning already have at least one version of the album. this is a good opportunity for latter-day fans and/or vinyl collectors to pick it up.

You can pre-order the album, which will be out on August 5th in North America, here or on iTunes here.


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