Here’s a full Cave In set from 2002

Posted by on January 8, 2014


Cave In might have been at the peak of their career in 2002. After releasing Jupiter in 2000 on Hydra Head, they’d fully evolved away from the metalcore scene that comprised their first album, Until Your Heart Stops and their demo collection, Beyond Hypothermia. Jupiter was a post-rock classic, with space rock, and singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky’s effects-laden guitars and voice were distinctive. Later in 2002, they’d sign with RCA and release the much-maligned Antenna before returning to Hydra Head. The reason we bring this up is that the band’s just released a recording of a full set in March of 2002 at Brooklyn’s North Six (now the Music Hall of Williamsburg) via their Facebook page. A few songs from Antenna are on the album, but it focuses on Jupiter, so if you’re a fan of that period (like we are), you’ll be psyched to hear it. They’ve also posted another full concert from Sweden’s Hultsfred Festival  the following year. Basically, if you like the middle period of Cave In, you’re listening to it now.

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