Helloween unreleased show footage from 1994 appears on YouTube

Posted by on June 30, 2021

Pro video footage has surfaced of a 1994 Helloween performance in Lichtenfels, Germany on the Master Of The Rings tour. The clip popped up on YouTube some 27 years later having never been previously released. This tour was the first for vocalist Andi Deris, who had replaced Michael Kiske on lead vocals. We have the footage below.



Set List:

“Sole Survivor”
“Ride the Sky”
“The Chance”
“The Game Is On”
“Dr. Stein”
“Grapowski’s Malmsuite 1001 (In D-Doll)”
“A Tale That Wasn’t Right”
“Eagle Fly Free”
“Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)”
– drum solo –
“Where the Rain Grows”
“Perfect Gentleman”
“Future World”
“Where the Eagle Learns to Fly” (Pink Cream 69)
“How Many Tears”

Speaking of Helloween, the group just released their self-titled album featuring Kiske and Deris on vocals. Check out our interview with Deris here


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