Hath drop new music video for “Atropus”

Posted by on November 23, 2020


Get ready to have your face melted with Hath’s brand new music video for “Atropus.” The song was a new bonus track included on band’s recently remastered and reissued Hive EP and was originally written in between the EP and their debut Of Rot and Ruin:

“We were excited when Willowtip gave us the opportunity to do a physical release for Hive, since it’s what started it all for Hath. AJ remastered the EP to give it an updated sound, and we included a new song, Atropus. This song was written in between Hive and Of Rot And Ruin, and really represents the shift in our sound between the two releases. We can’t wait for people to finally be able to physically own these songs, and hear them how we wanted them to be heard.”


Grab your remastered Hive EP here and watch “Atropus” below!



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