portalFirst off, Portal is a pretty terrifying band. Even without their nihilistic mixture of death metal and blacj metal, they just look scary. I mean, look at this picture. Dude’s got a clock on his head. Chances are, if you know anyone that walks around with a clock on their head, that’s a scary motherfucker. The rest of the Australian band performs anonymously with their faces shrouded, and while you might  that sounds a bit like Ghost, they’ve been doing it since before the Swedish band existed, and the band’s music is genuinely disturbing. At any rate, the band’s shot a video for the track “Curtain,” and it’s a dark, disturbing and creepy clip. Directed by Zev Deans, it’s based on “The Conquerer Worm,’ and Edgar Allen Poe poem, and has the look of a surrealist 1920’s silent (mostly) black and white film. If you’re one of our readers that likes to peruse Metal Insider while on hallucinogenic drugs, don’t watch this video. Other than that, happy Halloween!

“Curtain” is taken from Portal’s latest album, Vexovoid.
[via Noisey]