HakenThe London based prog rock/metal outfit Haken has released their second music video from their fourth, and most recent, studio album Affinity. The video is very psychedelic in it’s execution, showing a city of colorful geometric shapes ascending into up from the Earth and into the moon. It has a melancholy and uplifting feel to it, with a few hints of cheese, that perfectly compliments the song’s feel. If you count their lyric video for the song “Endless Knot,” and I certainly do,  it was their third video release for the album, the first being for the song “Initiate.”

Affinity was released by Inside Out Music on April 29th 2016, and was produced by Jens Bogren (Amorpis, Between the Buried and Me, Angra, Leprous, Symphony X, etc.). Jens has now produced the last three Haken albums.