Los Angeles-based groove metal band Against The Grave have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a guitar playthrough video for their latest single, “Living The End.”  “Living The End” follows previous collaborations with director Nathan Karma Cox, who also directed the band’s videos for “Killing Us Slowly” and “Anthem Embattled.” The nightmare-scape music video for “Living The End” was released earlier this month, and available to view here

The guitar playthrough features guitarists Andrea Martis and George Arguello, highlighting the track’s powerful and aggressive riffs.

Andrea Martis comments:

“The main riff is so powerful, one of those songs that is so fun to play because you get to headbang the whole time. Simple, punchy, catchy…. pure, and simple.”

George Arguello adds:

“It’s like playing a violent car crash on guitar, the riffs are sick”

Watch the playthrough video below:

Feature Image Photo Credit: Alex Solca