Ghost to release new EP this year

Posted by on May 13, 2016


It’s been a banner year for Ghost. The band are well on their way from cult phenomenon to the mainstream. Last year’s Meliora not only netted the band a Grammy, but “From the Pinnacle To the Pit” is currently a top ten song at active rock radio. Their theatrical show has made them a festival staple as well. It turns out that they aren’t going to rest on their laurels, though. In an interview with Metal Sucks, a Nameless Ghoul said that the band would be changing things up in the latter part of the year, including releasing an EP and changing up their stage show:

“We’re gonna finish up this tour in Albany, May 22nd, and then our European tour starts May 27th. And that stretches until the end of July; that’s gonna be festivals.

“After that we have an EP coming out. That’s gonna be great, because that’s gonna re-energize the whole cycle. There’s gonna be some new material, we’re gonna have a new stage show. So it’s gonna be a completely different setting, and we’re gonna terrorize you with that up until next year.”

It’ll be interesting to watch what shape the EP takes. If he didn’t say that there would be new material, we’d have guessed that it might be an acoustic EP, since that’s something the band has been doing this past year. Maybe there will be some covers in there, since they followed up  Infestissumam with the If You Have Ghost EP of covers. Either way, we’re looking forward to it. You can see the whole interview below.




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