If there’s one thing that Rodrigo y Gabriela have proven, it’s that acoustic stringed instruments can be metal as fuck.In fact, although Apocalyptica have left the acoustic thing far behind, their first album was cello covers of Metallica songs. And while we’re not familiar with violin and acoustic guitar duo Doralice, they’ve done a truly impressive version of Megadeth’s “Hangar 18.” What’s more is that it’s just one part of a whole EP, Rusted Pieces, that finds the duo covering five songs from Rust In Peace. In addition, they perform “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,” “Five Magics,” “Tornado of Souls” and “Rust In Peace… Polaris.” The San Francisco duo of Rima Ash (on violin) and Yates Brown (on guitar) knock it out of the park. You can listen to the EP on their Bandcamp page, and they’ve also got an album of original music on there as well.