Five videos to check out this week – 2/2

Posted by on February 2, 2022


03) Witherfall getting close to finding new drummer; band shares lyric and playthrough videos:



Witherfall are getting close to selecting their new drummer and, it appears they may have more surprises to unveil. Within the last week, the group has shared a drum playthrough video for “The Other Side of Fear” featuring Marco Minnemann. The track is taken from the band’s latest effort, Curse of Autumn, which was released in 2021, and featured in one of Metal Insider’s year-end lists

The group commented:

“Enjoy the official drum playthrough for THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR featuring Marco Minnemann:  WITHERFALL full time drummer auditions are coming to a close, soon! Head on over to witherfall.com for all the details on how you can audition, today.”



Following the drum playthrough, Witherfall shared a Don Adams-directed lyric video for the title track of their latest effort:



Lastly, and most likely more in the near future, the band shared a Don Adams-directed  lyric video for the song “Maridian’s Visitation.” The song was inspired by their late drummer, Adam Sagan, and is taken from their 2018 record, A Prelude To Sorrow, which is featured in Metal Insider’s 225 best albums of the decade (2010-2019) list. 


The group explained the meaning behind the song:

“Just before the tragic passing of our late drummer Adam Sagan, he made a public statement regarding the fact that his story was not yet over; he felt he still had tales to tell. With the recent visitation of his niece, Maridian, he then found enough strength to fight on for just a little while longer. It is that beautiful and heartbreaking moment that inspired our song: MARIDIAN’S VISITATION. Enjoy the official lyric video taken from our 2018 album A PRELUDE TO SORROW. Edited by Don Adams. While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to the official WITHERFALL YouTube Channel.” 


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