Filter unleashes new “Mother E” video

Posted by on June 5, 2017

Filter unveiled a terrifying music video for the opening track to 2016’s Crazy Eyes. “Mother E,” lyrically based on the shootings that took place in June 2015 at the Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and visually it showcases images consisting of a father’s worst nightmare.

Frontman Richard Patrick explained the following  to Clrvynt :

“This crazy video, my man Lukasz [Pytlik], he kills it on that video. The first idea was just to go full-on making it about Dylann Roof, ’cause Mother Emanuel’s the church where he did it. Like, a song from his perspective — what does insanity mean? What does insanity, crazed hatefulness look like? “Mother E.” And I’d done that a couple times: “Hey Man, Nice Shot” inspired by Budd Dwyer. So, I’m used to doing stuff like this. It’s not a love song. [Laughs] We’re not worried about our demographic. But the video, I asked Lukasz, we found him, and just said, “Make a short film about whatever you want to do, what you feel like the music is about.” We were thinking potentially “Nothing in My Hands” or “Mother E,” and we both decided that, as a piece of art, “Mother E” sounded better as an idea for the video. And the video is [a] father comes back to his worst nightmare. He’s a hunter, he’s providing for his children, they have a pretty decent life, and then these Russian soldiers are walking through and they take advantage of what they found because they have guns. War crimes, that kind of thing. It’s actually inspired by events that happened in Poland in WWII. So, I just wanted him to make the video he wanted to make.”

Check it out below:


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