Fear Factory have been relatively quiet since they
celebrated the 20 year anniversary of 1995’s Demanufacture back in 2016. Since then, we’ve only heard a few rumors that included their new album to be released sometime in 2017, the assumption that they broke-up, to hearing their new record will be “stronger” than 2015’s Genexus. However, it seems their silence is due to members focusing on other projects as guitarist Dino Cazares announced joining Die Krupps frontman Jürgen Engler and Leæther Strip’s Clas Larsen in a new industrial band called DieKlute.

Cazares revealed the news on Instagram, stating:

“I’m in a new Industrial band w/ Jurgen Engler from Die Krupps and

Claus Larsen from Leather Strip

The project is called “DieKlute”. We shot a video yesterday for the song “All In Vain” with Video Director Vincente Cordero @vcordero6 from Industrialism Films.

The video will feature clips of the unreleased indie film “The Relic” was produced ,written by and starring William Shatner. Directed by Jared Cohen. Our song will be featured in the Film.

Movie Release date 2019

Album release date 2019 “

Meanwhile, frontman Burton C. Bell launched a pledge campaign for his Ascension of the Watchers project.

[via Theprp]