Fear Factory’s tenth studio album will be tighter than 2015’s ‘Genexus’

Posted by on May 24, 2017

A few weeks ago, we heard the short-lived rumor about Fear Factory breaking up. Guitarist Dino Cazares confirmed that it was, in fact, a rumor and everything went back to normal. Speaking of rumors, it’s been quite a few months since we heard anything about their new album that was expected to be released sometime this year.  Kilpop recently interviewed frontman Burton C. Bell during his time as a special guest DJ at the Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas on May 6 and he shared a small update on this subject.

Asked about the band’s latest 2015’s Genexus if it inspired the band to top it with an upcoming album (transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Absolutely. It was such a great response. Putting out that record was just positive all the way around, which just makes us drive even further and drive even harder. Now we’ve been working on a new album. We haven’t recorded it yet, but all the new songs, I say, in my opinion, are even stronger than ‘Genexus’, ’cause it just seems even more tight. We’re on a groove, and it’s kicking ass.”

Bell seems optimistic on Fear Factory’s future including a soon-to-be heavier new album.

Check out the full interview below:


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