In 1988, the year Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook was born, Slayer released their fourth album, South of Heaven. But either the basketball player just liked the overall message of the shirt, he has a stylist, or he’s a fan of the heaviest of the Big 4, because he was recently seen donning a Slayer shirt for a Los Angeles Lakers game. When it comes to people wearing Slayer shirts that don’t look like they necessarily should, none did it better than ESPN analyst John Clayton, who famously wore one in a hilarious promo for the sports network.

Even though Clayton is a football analyst and not a fashion or basketball one, the network had him bust out the Slayer shirt once again last night. After recognizing it via Twitter on January 8th (See below), they asked him for his thoughts on Sports Center last night (19):

Look at that outfit. First off, it’s got kind of a Spiderman look to it, and on top of it, he’s got the sleeves that go over the hand that you have to put in to. He had to work to get into this thing. When you have to work that hard and to give appreciation to Slayer, I’ve got to give it to Russell. Keep shooting those shots and keep the fashion going.

ESPN didn’t ask us, but we’ll chime in anyway. Westbrook’s Slayer shirt looks really distressed. As in a stylist bought it for several hundred bucks distressed. We’re not saying he doesn’t know Slayer, but we’re bet Clayton knows more Slayer songs than he does.

[via Rolling Stone]