Equilibrium introduce new singer Fabian Getto with “Shelter” video

Posted by on July 10, 2023


German metal outfit Equilibrium have returned with new faces. The group broke their silence by releasing their latest single, “Shelter,” introducing the band’s new singer, Fabian Getto. René Berthiaume and Cleo Tiger wrote and produced the track, highlighting their new direction, as Hammer & Tiger Productions directed and produced the video. 


René Berthiaume comments:

“During the last months, we contemplated much on what EQUILIBRIUM means to us – musically and lyrically. And even though there are some important parameters shaping our style, we usually just start writing without questioning the process at all. Powerful gutturals, sharp riffs, and a unique blend between modern and folk metal – ‘Shelter’ presents the six-piece as the much-proclaimed phoenix rising from the ashes, ready to shine for the next three decades of EQUILIBRIUM. We are very motivated and inspired and full of ideas. We want to create music without any compromises and just want to bring the feelings that we had in the studio to the stage. Currently, we’re continuously working on new songs and new shows. We did an open casting call and Fabian sent in a vocal performance of ‘Renegades’ that caught our attention. There was something special about him and we had to follow this intuition. Right from the first meeting, we had an incredibly good connection and a productive and creative day in the studio. It seems like the person that we were looking for with our public casting call finally found his way to us.”


Watch the clip below:




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