Earthside show how to drum through a mob mentality

Posted by on February 18, 2016

Earthside band pic resizedProgressive rock enthusiasts Earthside have been making their rounds on the scene for a few months already, particularly after the release of their ambitious debut album A Dream In Static last October. We showed you some of their creative genius last year with “The Closest I’ve Come” and were able to catch them during their supporting tour with Soilwork, so we know when they want to go big, they really do.

To get an idea of this, the band released a new drum playthrough for their track “Mob Mentality” and you can get a glimpse at what it really takes to execute this sort of music to its peak, along with some footage from their official music video featuring The Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO).Commented drummer, Ben Shanbrom:

“I almost had a nervous breakdown learning Mob Mentality.’ Earthside songs most often come together in a democratic and organic fashion – we start with our individual ideas and build around each other, allowing each member to make his mark and play to his individual strengths. That is not at all how this song worked out!

“Jamie (our guitarist) wrote almost every section of this track – from the orchestration, down to the cymbal accents. Everything had to lock and flow in a very specific way to allow all of the elements to work together in harmony (or intended dissonance). Most crushing of all was the fact that Jamie programmed most of the demo drum parts in Logic without my consultation, resulting in more than a few sections that both delighted my ears and crippled me with despair!

“A LOT of practice was necessary before I felt comfortable playing this track, but it’s truly a rush now to play it live, and I am certain that learning it made me a better drummer in every way. This play-through was a really neat chance to finally let loose and experiment with different fills and beat variations that Master Jamie wouldn’t necessarily let me get away with otherwise!”

You can get your hands on A Dream in Static now at this, this and this locations.

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