Duff McKagan shares “I Saw God on 10th St.” video

Posted by on July 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Charles Peterson


Duff McKagan shares “I Saw God on 10th St.,” the latest single from his third solo album, Lighthouse, out October 20. The album features guest appearances by Slash, Jerry Cantrell, and Iggy Pop. 


McKagan comments:

“I picture him as an old guy with white beard and hair, leaning up against a wall on a city street. The ultimate jurist of us all. Pissed off, squinting eyes to ward off what he sees, spitting frequently with no care for who may be around. The Creator. God. Allah, Shiva…or whomever. I think I see him sometimes over on 10th St., hands in tight fists, and toes curled up and tense.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:


01) Lighthouse

02) Longfeather

03) Holy Water

04) I Saw God on 10th St

05) Fallen

06) Forgiveness

07) Just Another Shakedown

08) Fallen Ones

09) Hope (feat. Slash)

10) I Just Don’t Know (feat. Jerry Cantrell)

11) Lighthouse (Reprise) (feat. Iggy Pop)



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