Dimmu Borgir will celebrate their 30-year legacy by announcing their upcoming cover album, Inspiratio Profanus, out December 8th via Nuclear Blast. Following the success of their last two albums, Abrahadabra and Eonian, this collection features a compilation of their cover songs. The album’s first single, a rendition of Venom’s “Black Metal,” sets the tone for what’s to come. 


Silenoz comments:            

“We’re pleased to announce the Inspiratio Profanus release! We thought it was about time to finally compile the cover songs we’ve done over the years and give these renditions an updated mastering, all in one package, highlighting some of our many influences! “Black Metal, the track, and its origin, features something really primeval, raw and unhinged. There is lawlessness and danger connected to it. We did our best to capture the spirit of the ancient gods’ rock’ n roll 24 years later. Did we do it justice? I think so.”        


Listen to “Black Metal” below and pre-order the cover album here:


Track List:

01) Black Metal (Venom)

02) Satan My Master (Bathory)

03) Dead Men Don’t Rape (G.G.F.H.)

04) Nocturnal Fear (Celtic Frost)

05) Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister)

06) Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)

07) Metal Heart (Accept)

08) Nocturnal Fear (Celtically Processed) (Celtic Frost)