Devin Townsend shares side-project, The Mandonnas live jam session

Posted by on July 28, 2020


Devin Townsend has shared his Monnow Valley studio live jam session with his side-projected dubbed, The Mandonnas. The frontman explains this was taken during one of the last days of tracking Empath and was all done in one take. He also mentions highly acclaimed producer, Nolly Getgood mixed it on the fly.

So this here is from the Empath Monnow Valley drum recording sessions. After one of the last days of tracking. Myself, Mike Keneally, Morgan Ågren and Nathan Navarro had our first jam, and this was it. Recorded live off the floor and mixed on the fly by the fantastic folks at Monnow Valley in Wales with Nolly Getgood and his team as well, it was straight in and out of a great old Neve mixing desk, and one take. Would be cool to continue with this and see where it goes when we’re able again maybe.

Devin Townsend is also gearing up for his live virtual event, “Empath Volume 2: By Request.” Grab your tickets here!

Check out The Mandonnas live jam session below!



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Here’s a side project with Keneally, Morgan, and Nathan. First jam, recorded and mixed live at Monnow Valley studio in Wales during the Empath session 🙂 link in bio

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