Devin Townsend shares new quarantine song “Precious Sardine”

Posted by on November 17, 2020


Devin Townsend continues to stay busy during quarantine as he drops another new song and an accompanying video for “Precious Sardine.” The frontman provided a summary of the song:

Heres another quarantine song =) Drums are Morgan(Agren) Backing vocals by Aman Khosla and Tanya Ghosh. Its about Sardines or something…I’m not entirely sure.

Devin also announced that his Christmas concert will take place on December 23rd and will be acoustic. All proceeds will be going to a food bank and on his Twitch stream he mentioned that it will be similar to his first three quarantine streams.

Good morning folks 🙂 so Twitch stream today in a bit under three hours, and the Christmas stream will be on Monday the 23rd. It will be similar to acoustic shows I toured a few years back, and a portion of proceeds goes to the food bank. More updates later today ❤️

Devin is also working on an ambient album titled “The Puzzle” and provide some details on Twitter:

So ‘The Puzzle’ has turned into the follow up to Empath, unexpectedly… release in Spring I’m hoping

I see it like powaqquatsi or something… or like those old pink Floyd laser light shows… it’s a soundtrack to an undefined (as of now) story

I tend to get shit for divulging too much information on Twitter, but it helps my process to see how things feel once I’ve announced them, sometimes it results in a change of plans just by verbalizing it.

Puzzle is kind of like an elaborate and much more chilled out Devlab.

Its of limited appeal, song wise, but Im loving it and am enjoying creating freely for the first time in a long while. Cheers to all involved.

It will have an accompanying film and graphic novel, its wonderful and just basically a bunch of interesting, transient, floaty wank. =)

Anyways…theres my description of it. Album number ??? and im just as into this as any of the others, but its in the way of actual ‘songs’ it seems, so it needs a purge. Plus it wants crazy abstract art and a film, so… yeah. Thats what it’ll be.

Watch “Precious Sardine”below!


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