First, it seemed like new Deftones wouldn’t start up until next year. Then, it turned out work has already begun. Now we’re getting an update from guitarist Stephen Carpenter via an interview by rapper B-Real on a Youtube series known as The Smoke Box, which, if you’ve never heard of the series, is exactly what it sounds like. Apparently, B-Real and Carpenter used to be in a band called Kush (go figure), so it’s more like an interview between old friends. The talk about Deftones starts at the 1:56 mark, but here are a few quotes pulled from the video:

“We’re just literally starting to work on new stuff for a new record. We’ve got the makings for one song right now—not an entire one yet. But we’ll be writing over the next few months.We got some shows coming up still, it’s just nice to be home.

“The one thing I talk about too with the guys,  and I said, you know, periodically; Is that I would love for us to stay home and sit in the studio for awhile. I mean still go do shows… like for me I feel like I’ve been in this endless cycle of make a record go on tour, tour, tour, tour.

‘Oh we gotta go make another record so we can go on tour again,’ cause somebody told us we gotta make a record. Cause we’re gonna wear ourselves out from touring.

I don’t get it, cause there’s so many places we’ve never been. Every time we go somewhere they’re like ‘you guys take too long to come back.’ I’m like I hear ya but we can only do what we can do, ya know?

So I feel like we could always be doing touring if we want. But my thing is like I want to… I’ve always done records to tour all the time. I want to just sit around and make sick ass music, like crazy songs, and just put out songs, like sit around around for a couple years and just put out music, just constantly, just let it go out. Ya know, do a show here, do a show there…”

Carpenter does make a point about the constant pressure in the cycle of album, tour, repeat. Sure, we’re always up for more Deftones material but bands can get burnt out from the constant cycle if it isn’t broken up every once in a while. Maybe this is why there were initial reports of the band holding off on writing until next year. Still, it looks like work on the album really has begun. As to when we might hear it, we’ll have to sit tight on that one. Also, sounds like Carpenter could do a mean cover of Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” with that cough of his.