Dead Cross’ debut album just came out about a week ago, but for a band that just played their first show last week and has a debut album that clocks in at under 30 minutes, they’ll need to play more than just their entire album to keep a crowd entertained. The group, consisting of Mike Patton, former Slayer drummer David Lombardo and members of The Locust and Retox, said that they’d have to write some new music before playing to fill the set time out, and they’ve apparently done just that, debuting a new song at their debut show at Santa Ana’s The Observatory this past Thursday (10). The new song is a little less thrashy than the breakneck pace of their debut, and at 4:30, clocks in longer than anything on the album. It’s untitled according to the YouTube clip, but if the band are already making new music, then maybe a follow-up album is just around the corner. In the meantime, you can pick up  their debut here.