Dave Mustaine sings on new John 5 track “Que Pasa” watch here

Posted by on August 26, 2021


Guitarist John 5 who is currently working with Rob Zombie has new solo album in the works called Sinner. On it you will find a track called “Que Pasa,” a song that 5 has been playing live on tour. The track features Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine on vocals. Mustaine appears throughout the album but you can get a taste of what he’s added to “Que Pasa” in a live performance video of the song. We have that for you down there.

John 5 talked about getting Mustaine to guest on the album. He said,

“We had a sample from James Brown, and the record company was, like, ‘We can’t use that sample. We’ll get sued. Who would you want to use?’ And I was, like, ‘Well, I would love to use Dave Mustaine.’ So I reached out and he agreed, and he really liked the song and that’’s gonna be the first video as well. It’s called ‘Qué Pasa’.”

During a radio interview, he said this,

“We have Dave Mustaine doing a little vocal thing. ‘Cause we have these little vocal hooks in each song. So it’s super cool. And Mustaine did it. And it sounds so good. I love Megadeth so much, so I was, like, ‘Oh my God. We’ve gotta see if Mustaine will do it.’ And he kills it.”

Also guesting on Sinner is ex KISS drummer Peter Criss who plays the drums on the last track, “Georgia On My Mind.”

5 told Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation,

“Peter Criss is playing drums on the song ‘Georgia On My Mind’, which is the last song on the record. And I’m telling you… This guy… Barry Pointer, my producer, flew out to Peter’s house, set up a couple of mics. Now, this is a jazz type of song, and Peter is known for that jazz feel he has. I shit you not, he sat behind those drums, played two takes. Barry’s mouth was dropped open. Wait till you hear this. I mean, it was perfect.”

John 5 is currently working with Rob Zombie and touring his solo project John 5 and the Creatures.



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