Dave Mustaine Says Megadeth Has Found A New Label, Gigantour Will Return This Year

Posted by on January 24, 2013


Here’s two things we knew for certain: 1) Megadeth has been in the studio working on a new album, and 2) It won’t be released by Roadrunner Records. Well according to Dave Mustaine, Megadeth has already found a new label home. So who is the label that will be releasing Megadeth’s 14th studio album? Well… Mustaine won’t say.

While he kept mum about which label they’ve signed to, Mustaine let it slip to VintageRock.com that a new deal has been signed. You can watch the entire interview above, but here’s what he had to say specifically about the label move [around the 3:30 mark]:

“…We have the ability to do what we want and we’re with a great new label. We’re doing a press release about it soon. I can’t say who it is; you know I’d love to tell you who it is… But we’re not with Roadrunner anymore. That was some good years for us there, and we really look back with great fondness on our times with Roadrunner. But the excitement level for us right now is just insane.”

Interesting to hear Mustaine speak so fondly of Roadrunner, considering how many times he’s publicly trashed the label in the past. What might be of more interest to some, though, is that Mustaine also says the band’s touring festival will return later this year in the States and in South America. While he also refrained from saying who specifically will appear on the bill, he did hint that it’s an interesting lineup and includes “notorious bad boys.” Last year’s addition featured Motorhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil. So it’ll be interesting to see which “bad boys” Megadeth chose to outdo Lemmy and co. with.

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